Valve Wheel
Stainless Steel PFA Lined 2-Pce Full Bore Flanged pn16 Ball Valve NTC KV-N44K


high performance valves

PFA Lined 2-Pce Full Bore Flanged pn16 Ball Valve

ASTM A351 CF8M 316 Stainless Steel construction, 316 Trim.
PTFE Ball Seats & Stem Packing.
PFA Lined Body, Ball & Stem.
ISO 5211 Non-Direct Mounting Pad for automation.
PFA Liner is securely "Dovetailed" into valve body.

100% Electro-static Spark tested to ensure PFA Liner integrity.

1" - 2" Lever Operated with Locking Device
3" - 4" T-Bar Operated with Locking Device

Available size range: 1” - 4”

Design Standard: EN 12516-1

Face to Face: EN 558 Series 1 (DIN 3202 F-1)

Pressure rating: 16 Bar/g
Wall Thickness: EN 12516-1
Inspection & Testing: EN 12266-1

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