Valve Wheel
100mm High Valve Spindle Extension Bonnet NTC EXT-100


high performance valves

100mm High Valve Spindle Extension Bonnet

ASTM A351 CF8 304 Stainless Steel construction.
PTFE Stem packing. 50% S/S Filled PTFE Bushing.
Replicates mating Valve ISO 5211 Direct Mount Top Works.

Unit securely mounts to Valve ISO Pad and NOT just the valve stem.

Ta-Luft self adjusting live loaded stem.
Supplied with Locking Lever and fasteners.

100mm High as standard (120mm on F12 version for 5", 6" & 8" Valves)


Spindle extension on Insulated Pipework applications.
Can be adapted for Fugitive Emissions Secondary Containment applications.
Thermal Insulator for Actuators on High Temperature applications.
Tank Bottom Valves, giving extra clearance from Vessel base.

Available in six size ranges:

F03/F04 x 9mm Stem (1/4" - 3/4" Valve Sizes)

F04/F05 x 11mm Stem (1" & 1.1/4" Valve Sizes)

F05/F07 x 14mm Stem (1.1/2" & 2" Valve Sizes)

F10 x 17mm Stem (2.1/2" & 3" Valve Sizes)

F10 x 22mm Stem (4" Valves)

F12 x 27mm Stem (5", 6" & 8" Valves)


Certified TA-Luft Certificate

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